irene + wendy + seulgi + joy = ?


Red velvet as flowers set
↳Joy: the idek what flower this is T_T

Seulgi: Color Palette x

im sorry; i suck

im so fucking anmoyed with myself. i only went and queued 28 posts for the whole week because i didn’t have time to queue 24 posts for each day and I forgot to change the amount of posts to post in a day from 24 to 4 and i forgot to change the post time from 12am-1am to 12am-12am SO NOW ALL BUT 4 OF MY POSTS HAVE BEEN POSTED AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE MY LAPYOP TO FIX IT FUK EVERYTHING IM SO ANNOYED WITH MYSELF UGH

can someone explain to me how block b went from this


to this


I can’t even sleep thinking about you all through the dark night

precious do kyungsoo~


Dear Coordi-Noona/s, we need to talk..



Someone made a poem about Suho’s ass

shinee + families